Tuesday, December 31, 2013

            So sad that none of my new year's resolution had been realized. I had the kicked off for the first few months but during the last quarter, all of my goals just went to the drain. Hayyy, so much of my self discipline, so today I'm starting my resolutions again. I hope at the end of the year, I will end up being victorious. So what are my goals? **Drum roll insert here**. Here are the list.
1. Be positive.
2. Save
3. Exercise. Abs please.
4. Learn New Things.
5. Lessen Facebooking.
6. Be productive.
7. Cut the sugar intake especially coke.
8. Be a blessing and a gift to other people.
9. Travel

Friday, November 29, 2013

                Today I found out that I have been totally selfish. I was only thinking of my own self. I keep wishing to be rich for all the wrong reasons so I guess that's why none of my plans work to get me into this direction. I have longed for things that are not really important and I keep comparing other people's wondrous life to mine. I  was so busy being conscious of what I don't have in life and I keep looking for what's lacking that I was not aware that I was drowning myself to the sea of hopelessness and bitterness. And I realized that when you dwell so much on negativity, you will no longer see how wonderful life can be. Instead of focusing on the beautiful things, you tend to find fault in everything-it might be a situation or a person.
                 But today, I challenged myself to have a better perspective and to see the goodness and beauty of every God's creation. I promised to strive to work hard and to be productive so sooner I can help uplift the lives of others and the life of my family. I will strive to speak good and kind words and to make an effort to bring smile to those who are around me.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

           It took me a long time to realize that only I can help myself. These past few
years, I have been deluding myself that everything will just come easy for me- that everything will be served in a silver platter and I will just come to the dinner table and have my fill. But life doesn't really work like that. And that where I got the biggest mistake of my life. Don't take me wrong but I also have my share of hardwork and perseverance when it comes to achieving my dreams but I guess I haven't try very hard and my efforts are just insufficient.

           So this is a catalyst for a new me and a brighter tomorrow. This is a covenant for me to make a halt on everything that makes me miserable. Indeed ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Enough thinking of the "what could have been" and stop thinking of the "what ifs".
Enough of my procrastination.
Enough of my self doubt.
Enough of trying to please everybody.
Enough thinking of all my worries and fears. 
Enough selling myself short.
Enough of stagnating my mind with garbage thoughts which just make me feel inadequate.
Enough comparing notes between my life and others.
Enough of being envious of other people's opulent life. and coveting things which I don't have.

           These things had been slowly killing my relationship with my family, my friends, with other people and mostly with my own self.  I had already a long period of hibernation and I think its now time to get back on the world of the living. And I will come with a vengeance and not will I only bounce back but I promise to bounce back higher. I promise  that from  now on, I will not let fear and self doubt to  cripple me. I pledge allegiance to my faith in God and faith with myself that I can surpass the insurmountable mountains and I will not stop until I have reached the top of the hill. And now begins my odyssey. <3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

                 These past few years, I think I have dealt so much on the not-so good things that happened into my life that I have begun to be sucked up into the black hole of negativity. I have fallen into the pit of self doubt, I have wallow in self pity, I have judged and blamed my decisions and most of all I have questioned my faith for my miserable circumstance.
                  But praise God because I was able to surpass that rotten state so to celebrate I want to reiterate and highlight the good points of why I am exactly where I am right now:

  • I was able to build a deeper and meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father.
  • I was able to spend time with my family and friends.
  • I was able to read and surf and in doing so, I have learned a lot.
  • I have now a much nicer body than before (chos!pero I think so) :)
  • I discover what I want in life.
  • I have met new friends.
  • I was able to learn a new language. (in the process still but I already grasp a few)
  • I now have financial literacy.
  • I was able to go and explore beautiful places like Dipolog, Bohol, Camiguin, Banaue and counting. :)

                Indeed, focusing too much on unpleasant things will not only hurt you and other people but it will also broke your soul and injured your spirit. So ditch out those negativity and let the sunshine of optimism dominates our whole being. 


                     You are now rich. You already got what you are asking for. But let me just remind you that all of these are just temporarily loaned to you by God. This is your chance to serve and help other people-not to shine and shun others.
                      Since this is the break you are waiting for, you should always take care of these blessings God entrusted to you. You should keep all promises you have made. Remember that if ever you lost yourself in this vast wealth, God can have all of these disappear with just a snap of his fingers. You have no right to be boastful however you should be generous in all circumstance.

P.S. Please ink this to your beautiful mind- Always and forever, be a blessing and a gift to other people. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions for MMXIII


*work and save

*no coke



*be organize

*read 50 at least 50 books

*fall n’ love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bring it on 2013!

   Year 2012 is really not a good year for me. Maybe my hopes are just too high but nothing really spectacular happened last year except maybe for my on going relationship with Christ and my deeper appreciation for what I have taken for granted before and for which I have lost now.
   And here comes 2013, which according to astrologist would be an unlucky year for those born in the year of the rabbit. Well, sue them! I firmly believe and declare that year 2013 would be my year. I'm now planning to take actions on my dreams and hopes which I painstakingly built for myself. hehehe..
   Really, I believe that I already waited long enough and its now time for me to rise from the grave of procrastination and self doubt. So help me Lord.

Written last November  29, 2012

       It has been months since my last entry, but really I don't know what to write that might be of interest. Nothing have really changed except that I have now a more meaningful relationship with God. I know that I'm million miles away from being saintly but I'm striving to be a better person. I still don't have any idea which path to take and honestly, I'm still waiting for miracles to happen in my life. I do have a lot of dreams but sadly I haven't taken my first step yet. Nothing works according to my plan. There are times that I feel insecure, frustrated and desperate for I haven't achieve anything at this age. What just keeps me going is my faith that someday, God will give me my biggest break