Sunday, May 20, 2012

Since time immemorial, I really wished to be a model but sad to say I lack in the height department and the face factor. However, this won't stop me from having my picture taken and continue dressing up! (kapalmuks lang ang peg) :)

Take The Plunge

Leap Of Faith- From now on, this will be my new mantra.I really am a cowardly and gutless person. I am afraid of changes for changes might disrupt the harmony of my life. But I realized that nothing will happen to me if I won’t take any risks. And if I continue to do the things that I’m doing right now then there’s 100% probability that I would feel the same sentiments that I have now. I would feel the same emotion-stressed, depressed and sad. So from now on, I’m taking a challenge of facing my fear and taking the plunge. It’s time to make a move. I’m sure I can do everything that I will set my heart and my mind into for I have the best back-up, GOD. So for myself, FEAR NO MORE!
I am not a writer and I’m not wishing to be one. I just want to try something new that will break the monotony of my life. Honestly, this is my first literary attempt and I hope to keep this as a top secret. But just in case someone stumble upon my domain, please, just please spare the grammars. :)