Friday, November 29, 2013

                Today I found out that I have been totally selfish. I was only thinking of my own self. I keep wishing to be rich for all the wrong reasons so I guess that's why none of my plans work to get me into this direction. I have longed for things that are not really important and I keep comparing other people's wondrous life to mine. I  was so busy being conscious of what I don't have in life and I keep looking for what's lacking that I was not aware that I was drowning myself to the sea of hopelessness and bitterness. And I realized that when you dwell so much on negativity, you will no longer see how wonderful life can be. Instead of focusing on the beautiful things, you tend to find fault in everything-it might be a situation or a person.
                 But today, I challenged myself to have a better perspective and to see the goodness and beauty of every God's creation. I promised to strive to work hard and to be productive so sooner I can help uplift the lives of others and the life of my family. I will strive to speak good and kind words and to make an effort to bring smile to those who are around me.