Thursday, August 22, 2013

           It took me a long time to realize that only I can help myself. These past few
years, I have been deluding myself that everything will just come easy for me- that everything will be served in a silver platter and I will just come to the dinner table and have my fill. But life doesn't really work like that. And that where I got the biggest mistake of my life. Don't take me wrong but I also have my share of hardwork and perseverance when it comes to achieving my dreams but I guess I haven't try very hard and my efforts are just insufficient.

           So this is a catalyst for a new me and a brighter tomorrow. This is a covenant for me to make a halt on everything that makes me miserable. Indeed ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Enough thinking of the "what could have been" and stop thinking of the "what ifs".
Enough of my procrastination.
Enough of my self doubt.
Enough of trying to please everybody.
Enough thinking of all my worries and fears. 
Enough selling myself short.
Enough of stagnating my mind with garbage thoughts which just make me feel inadequate.
Enough comparing notes between my life and others.
Enough of being envious of other people's opulent life. and coveting things which I don't have.

           These things had been slowly killing my relationship with my family, my friends, with other people and mostly with my own self.  I had already a long period of hibernation and I think its now time to get back on the world of the living. And I will come with a vengeance and not will I only bounce back but I promise to bounce back higher. I promise  that from  now on, I will not let fear and self doubt to  cripple me. I pledge allegiance to my faith in God and faith with myself that I can surpass the insurmountable mountains and I will not stop until I have reached the top of the hill. And now begins my odyssey. <3

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