Saturday, December 19, 2015

That Phrase

I keep seeing and hearing this quote these past few days and it have to mean something right? I've been a little down these past few months or for years if I would get real to myself. I know that I've talked and written about this before that everything happens for a reason and why I need to experience some things. But writing that is somewhat justifying my circumstances before. I feel that I've hit rock bottom and that I'm experiencing what they call a midlife crisis. Nothing really unfortunate happens to me but its more on battling with my insecurities and fears. I really have a difficulty rising from this pit and conquering myself. I tried to be positive about it but there are really times that my brains will just get into the gutter and exposed myself again to those endless garbage self talks. But this time, reading this gives me more of a positive feeling.It gives me a certain calmness that I am really where I should be at the moment. I need to be here to learn things. For me to be stronger, to be more confident and to be a better person.  I know that God only wants me to be the best. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that my potentials are infinite. I am sure that I just need to go through this phrase for me to realize all these and If I'll be able to win this battle then I know that I would be unstoppable.

Why did you wake up this morning?

Remember the tagline from a famous coffee advertisement before? "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Yes dude, What's your purpose? What keeps you going?

I guess not defining our purpose in life is like driving without having any destination in mind. Its like living life just for the sake of living and you just need to go through it because ending it will just be plain cowardice and a sure way ticket to hell.

I haven't take time before to seriously ponder on this question. I mean what for? But right now, I think this is the same reason I'm so clueless with my life-that I'm not really excited waking up each day and just wish that I'll just stay in bed for the whole day. But what do I really want to happen in my life? Why do I need to pursue my dreams? What would I want my legacy into this world? So here it goes.

1. For my family. I think all of us just want the best for our family. Who wouldn't want to give his family a good life. We all want that right? We all want our love ones to live a comfortable or even a luxurious life. We want want them to take that grand vacation, go to the best schools and for them to have and experience all those ingenious and state of the art gadgets offered on today's market.

2. Financial Security. I'm a taurus so that explains it. It's in my nature to surround myself with material pleasures. I want to travel to a lot of places, especially to Japan, Korea, USA, Maldives, Bali and a lot more. I also want to buy anything that I want. To wear those fashionable clothes I've been coveting in tumblr, pinterest and other sites on social media. I want to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

3. Future Family. Contrary to what other people believe, I also want a family in the future. And just like anybody else, I don't want us to struggle or lack of anything.

4. For other people. I really want to make a dent into this world. I want to do something for everyone. I want to be an inspiration. I want to be a blessing to people that I have a chance to meet in this life. I want to send children to school. I want to provide jobs to the community and I want others to learn from me.

I hope that these would give me enough fire to go for everything and I hope that I would be able to achieve everything that I've written here in the future. With the help of our Almighty Father.