Saturday, July 4, 2015

I just want to say thank you

A lot of times I've hurt you.
A lot of times, I've disappointed you.
A lot of times, I blamed you.
A lot of times, I questioned you.
A lot of times, I don't follow nor heed you.
A lot of times, I forsaken you.
But never in these times did you ever leave my side. 
Lord, thank you for always being there. For constantly working in me.For showing me that I am so much loved.Thank you that even most of the times I've doubted your presence and my faith wavered, never once you abandoned me. Never did you lead me astray. You always called me back and you show yourself and let me feel your presence in so many ways. Thank you for you continue to work in me even though, I'm so hardheaded and stubborn. Thank you for making me realized my mistakes and for telling me that your are indeed in control of my life. Thank you very much Lord. Daghan kaayong salamat.

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